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Liquid Detergent 2+1 Kg

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Liquid Detergent 500 Mg

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Liquid Detergent 1 Kg

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Liquid detergent is a cleaning solution for clothes that comes in a liquid form. It’s popular because it dissolves easily, works well in all washing machines, and is gentler on clothes than powder detergent.

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  • More effective cleaning: Liquid detergent is more effective at cleaning clothes than laundry powder because it dissolves more easily in water. This means that there is less chance of detergent residue being left on clothes, which can cause them to appear stiff or dull.

  • Gentler on clothes: Liquid detergent is also gentler on clothes than laundry powder. This is because it does not contain harsh abrasives that can damage fabrics. Liquid detergent is a good option for delicate fabrics such as silk and wool.

  • Easier to measure: Liquid detergent is easier to measure than laundry powder. This is because it comes in a bottle with a measuring cap. This can help to prevent you from using too much or too little detergent.

  • More convenient: Liquid detergent is more convenient to use than laundry powder. This is because it does not create dust when you pour it into the washing machine.

  • Available in a variety of formulas: Liquid detergent is available in a variety of formulas, including those that are designed for specific types of fabrics, such as baby clothes or sportswear. There are also eco-friendly formulas available.

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